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Gladzor University collaborates closely with prominent medical institutions such as Armenia Medical Center, Erebuni Medical Center, and Artmed MRC to provide valuable opportunities for our students.

This allows Gladzor students to gain practical experience, internships, and clinical training within these reputable medical facilities. Through these partnerships, students can enhance their medical education and prepare themselves for future careers in the field of medicine.


Armenia Medical Center

Armenia Medical Center embodies the essence of holistic healthcare, where the dedication and preparedness of its doctors breathe life into the patient's journey to wellness. With cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and top-tier specialists, the center ensures swift and accurate identification of pathogenic factors, optimizing treatment processes.
Furthermore, the center's expertise extends to therapeutic endoscopic procedures and intricate surgeries, marking it as a leader in medical excellence within Armenia.


Erebuni Medical Center

Founded in 1991, Erebuni Medical Center CJSC has evolved into Armenia's largest medical facility, offering a comprehensive range of clinical, research, and educational services. With cutting-edge equipment and a dedicated staff of over 1,000 professionals, including 415 doctors and 641 nurses.
The center provides advanced medical care to both local and international patients. Recognized for its excellence, Erebuni MC continually strives for innovation, collaborating with leading global clinics and earning prestigious national and international accolades.


Artmed MRC

Artmed Medical Rehabilitation Center, established two decades ago, has transformed from a single-profile hospital with outdated equipment to a modern, multi-disciplinary medical and rehabilitation facility. With a dedicated staff of 250 professionals, Artmed offers high-quality treatment in a serene environment adjacent to a botanical garden.
Patients receive comprehensive care and benefit from state-of-the-art technology, ensuring accurate diagnosis and full recovery. Renowned for its unique services, Artmed is a preferred destination for medical treatment and rehabilitation.


Professional learning that gets recognized

Our aim is to educate and train future healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and researchers, to provide high-quality medical care, advance medical knowledge through research, and contribute to the improvement of public health outcomes locally, nationally, and globally.

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